Toucan Stay Inn

The Toucan Stay Inn (But 3 Can't) is located merely steps away from Playa Punta Uva which was rated "ONE OF THE TOP TEN NATURAL BEACHES IN THE WORLD" by Outsider Magazine.

TRANQUILITY at "the INN" can be described in many ways...morning strolls along our beaches, with coffee in hand; the scent of exotic flowers in our private tropical garden setting; reading or napping in a hammock hung in palm trees along the Caribbean shore; the sight of hummingbirds feeding on the flower's nectar just an arms length away from your breakfast table; a "beach day" just basking in sun; a late afternoon massage (arranged for you on or off property), and at night...the counting of waves rather than sheep in our very comfortable accommodations or star gazing in one of our new Pavilion hammocks.

ADVENTURES are plentiful. Surfing, Kayaking, Snorkeling, Diving, Fishing, Canopy tours, Waterfall tours, Chocolate Tours, the Gondoca-Manzanillo Refuge, and, of course, the Jaguar Wildlife Rescue Center are just some of the attractions that are bringing more friends to our Toucan Stay Inn (TSI).

is to make your "stay" with us a most memorable you come back to visit and recommend the Toucan "Stay" Inn to your friends and family.

Remember..."Stay" is our middle name  (OUCH!!! Please forgive me for that corny comment...but I had to say it)

Pura Vida

My words are my wealth with this start I'll propose
A sentimental reminder of what you should know,
That inside the cities where you can't see the sky,
Where money's the master and without it you die,
Dollars, and deadlines, competition, and greed,
Wasting time in a race to obtain the things we don't need,
So many are clueless, brainwashed, and lost,
Putting price tags on life, thinking happiness costs,
Down a detouring highway to this place I've been drawn
Beyond pictures and postcards mere words can't explain,
This magical mixture of sunshine and rain,
Pure life* at its best and it does'nt cost a dime,
My chains are now broken set-free heart and mind.

* Pura Vida means Pura Life .......Kayak Jack

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